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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering News

  • Tufts Gordon Institute and Tufts Computer Science Exchange sponsored the recent Sonos/Real Industry Challenge, where over 100 students designed smart speakers with real-world applications.

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  • Tufts alum Kristen Ransom, E13, was included in Boston Magazine's Top 30 Rising Tech Stars. She is currently studying engineering management at Tufts Gordon Institute.

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  • Seven Engineering professors received Tufts Faculty Research Awards Committee awards for publishing and research proposals.

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  • David Aurelio, a part-time lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was recently made a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES).

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  • As a Summer Scholar, Annalisa DeBari, E18, designed a battery holder that researchers can use to X-ray a battery without having to take it apart.

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  • Professor Igor Sokolov developed a new, faster method of imaging matter at a nano level, which could change the way cancerous cells are detected in clinical settings. 

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  • After earning her B.S. in mechanical engineering and M.S. in engineering management from Tufts, Nikki Slaughter went on to work in robotics at Balyo.

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  • Kristen Wendell, McDonnell Family Assistant Professor in Engineering Education, studies how students learn engineering and science.

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  • Three mechanical engineering seniors, working with faculty advisor Gary Leisk, designed a baggage handling solution that won a national competition for addressing airport needs.

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