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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering News

  • A team of Tufts researchers received the Harting Award for the best paper published in Experimental Techniques in 2016.

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  • Tufts School of Engineering welcomes nine new faculty members in 2017 and 2018.

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  • Will Edmonds, E19, reports that collaboration will be key to tackle the 14 challenges featured at the recent Global Grand Challenges Summit.

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  • At the Global Grand Challenges Summit, August Frechette, E18, reflected on the persistent gender gap in STEM fields.

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  • An article by alumnus Peter Lewis, E14 and EG16, and Associate Professor Robert White was featured as the cover article in a recent issue of Advancing Microelectronics.

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  • The Cryogenic Engineering Conference recently awarded the Donna Jung Scholarship Award to Ph.D. student Federica Pierro. The scholarship recognizes female graduate students in cryogenic studies.

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  • Incoming Jumbo Korri Lampedusa, E21, was recognized as a Presidential Scholar, one of the country's highest honors for high school students.

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  • As the Tufts in Talloires program comes to a close, Zaila Foster, E20, looks back on the new experiences she had while studying abroad this summer.

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  • While studying abroad in France, Handy Dorceus, E20, is learning how to overcome the language barrier and his fears.

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