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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Josh Wiesman

Part-Time Lecturer
Professor of the Practice, Gordon Institute

Josh Wiesman

Part-Time Lecturer
Professor of the Practice, Gordon Institute

Phone 617.627.3110
Tufts Gordon Institute, Suite 2400
200 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA
high technology entrepreneurship, creative design process of products

Josh Wiesman is the president and CEO of Precision Ventures, a Boston-based operational fund that develops and licenses “small ball” medical and consumer products. He founded his first company, TWI LLC, as a sophomore in college, and previously consulted for a number of large medical companies and privately-funded start-ups and served as the director of engineering at Portaero, Inc. At Tufts Gordon Institute, he is a professor of the practice with a focus in high technology entrepreneurship and the creative design process of products.

M.S., Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University, 2006
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University, 2005
Professional Experience: 

Professor of the Practice, Tufts Gordon Institute


President and CEO, Precision Ventures, LLC


Director of Engineering, Portaero, Inc.


Product Development Engineer, Technical and Project Lead, TDC Medical, Inc.


President and CEO, Co-Founder, TW Innovations, LLC

Selected Honors and Awards: 
2015: Distinguished Faculty Awards for Significant Impact Recognition and Best Course Recognition
2014: Distinguished Faculty Award for Significant Impact Recognition
Wiesman, J. "Expanding orthopedia pacifier," U.S. Patent 7,731,733.
Wiesman, J. "Orthodontic pacifier / nipple appliance," U.S. Patent 7,931,672.
Wiesman, J. "Expanding nipple appliance," U.S. Patent 7,883,530.
Wiesman, J. "Aspirator and method for pneumostoma management," U.S. Patent 7,927,324.
Wiesman, J. "Surgical instruments for creating a pneumostoma and treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease," U.S. Patent 8,252,003.
Wiesman, J. "Multi-layer pneumostoma management system and methods for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease," U.S. Patent 8,365,722.
Wiesman, J. "Aspirator for pneumostoma management," U.S. Patent 8,348,906.
Wiesman, J. "Pneumostoma management device with integrated patency sensor and method," U.S. Patent 8,347,881.

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