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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Jason Rife


Navigation, safety-critical transportation systems, state estimation, human-robot interaction

Modeling of navigation, surveillance, and conflict resolution for aircraft surface movement in NextGen scenarios  involving 4D trajectories

Jason Rife directs the Automated Systems and Robotics (ASAR) Lab at Tufts University. The lab's goal is to develop novel technologies that ensure safe, reliable, and seamless interactions between human and machine. A particular focus is on safety assurance for drones and other automated vehicles. As these platforms become increasingly commonplace, requirements for safety assurance, or integrity, are increasingly important. Current ASAR research examines two critical factors for verifying integrity in autonomous platforms. A first branch of research examines reliability guarantees for safety-critical sensor subsystems; a second branch examines bug monitoring in software subsystems. The key to this work has been developing guaranteed-risk bounds that are easy to compute and also tight, which ensures few continuity breaks and high availability. This work has been funded by the FAA and the NSF.

For more information see lab website.