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Cambridge Nanotech Savannah Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) System

The Savannah system is a very popular atomic layer deposition (ALD) platform. The substrate is heated in the vacuum chamber with a constant flow of carrier nitrogen. Reactive precursors are sequentially pulsed into the chamber for short periods of time (< 1 second) followed by a longer nitrogen purge (>5 seconds) which removes unreacted precursor from the chamber before the next precursor is pulsed in. This allows a single layer of material to be deposited per cycle, resulting in very fine thickness control, high uniformity across the substrate, and conformal depositions. Depositions are slow (on the order of 1 angstrom per cycle), so only thin films can be deposited.

A variety of chemistries are available for different materials. Currently, our ALD system has H2O, TMA (tetramethyl aluminum) and DEZ( diethyl zinc) precursors, allowing deposition of Al2O3 and ZnO thin films. At user request we will be happy to consider adding additional precursors to the system to support your processing needs.

The tool requires training with an experienced user and formal checkout by laboratory staff.

Contacts: Robert White, James Vlahakis, Pooria Mustafulu, Kevin Ligonde

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