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Angstrom NexDep DC/RF Sputter System

The NexDep sputter system is a dual gun sputter-up system with both DC and RF power supplies. Either gun can be run in DC mode sequentially (not at the same time). One gun can be run in RF mode. It is possible to co-sputter with one gun in DC mode and one gun in RF mode. The platen is heated. The standard sputtering gas in Argon. Reactive sputtering is also available with nitrogen delivered via a gas ring near the platen, and oxygen delivered via a wall port. Closed loop pressure control is maintained.

Currently the tool has recipes for DC sputtered Aluminum, DC sputtered Molybdenum, and RF sputtered SiO2. Development of an RF sputtered aluminum nitride process is ongoing. Additional material systems will be added as time progresses.

The tool requires training with an experienced user and formal checkout by laboratory staff.

Contacts: Robert White, James Vlahakis, Daniella Torres

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