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Karl Suss MA6 Mask Aligner

The Suss MA6 contact aligner is a 350 W mercury lamp UV source contact aligner for performing photolithography. This MA6 is top side alignment only. The exposure source is controlled in constant intensity mode to 15 mW/cm2 at I-line (365 nm). Additional energy will be present at h-line and g-line bringing the total NUV exposure intensity to approximately 45 mW/cm2 (uncalibrated). The aligner can be operated in proximity, soft contact, hard contact, or vacuum contact modes. It accepts 4" (100 mm) wafers and 5" (125 mm) x 5" (125 mm) x 0.09" glass masks.

The tool requires training with an experienced user and formal checkout by laboratory staff.

Contacts: Robert White, James Vlahakis, Daniella Torres

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