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200 Boston Ave., Rm 2612
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

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James Vlahakis
Lab Director
Tufts Micro/Nanofabrication Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Ph.D., B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Tufts University, 2008, 1988
M.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Harvard University, 2004


James Vlahakis earned his Ph.D. and B.S. in mechanical engineering from Tufts University and his M.S. in mechanical engineering from Harvard. He returned to Tufts from his role as a process development engineer at Intel Corp. He has experience in academic, industrial and government environments, in a number of areas – micro and nano fabrication, ion beam operations and applications and medical device testing and regulation. The Tufts Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab is a multi-user, multi-PI, multi department core facility that enables micro/nano scale research for all Tufts campuses and Dr. Vlahakis is responsible for all operational aspects of the facility. In addition, he regularly contributes to micro/nano research programs that cross numerous fields – flexible devices, MEMS sensors, bio-optics, etc.

Research Interests

Dr. Vlahakis' research interests include:

  • Micro/nano fabrication, with a particular focus on process development
  • Chemical mechanical planarization and tribology
  • Surface science
  • Ion beam application

Professional Positions

2013-present Lab Manager/Researcher, Tufts Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab
2011-2013 Lab Manager, Tufts Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab
2010-2011 Process Development Engineer, Intel Corp.
2004-2008 Research Associate, Tufts Univ. Future Technologies Lab
1995-2003 Operations Engineer, Harvard Cyclotron Lab/Massachusetts General Hospital
1991-1994 Information Technology Specialist, MacTemps
1989-1991 Medical Device Engineer, Food & Drug Administration

Honors, Awards & Invited Talks

2008 Invited Lecturer, Advances in CMP, MIT Lincoln Labs
2006 Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation CMP-MIC
2006 Invited Lecturer, In Situ Metrology for CMP, CMP-MIC
2005 Student Advisor, Bringing Engineers into New Disciplines, Summer Program
2004 Research Assistantship, awarded by Tufts Mechanical Engineering Department


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