Douglas Matson headshot

Matson named ASGSR Fellow

Associate Professor Douglas Matson is honored by the American Society for Gravitational Space Research (ASGSR).
Exterior of Joyce Cummings Center

Joyce Cummings Center preview

With unrivaled vistas, light-filled classrooms, and ample open space for of-the-moment conversations, Joyce Cummings Center brings a fresh and people-centered approach to academic building design.
Sergio Fantini, Valencia Koomson, Angelo Sassaroli headshots

Non-invasive imaging of deep tissue

Tufts biomedical and electrical engineers receive funding from the National Institutes of Health to develop a novel technique for frequency-domain near-infrared spectroscopy.
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Daniel Votipka, Lin Family Assistant Professor of Computer Science and director of the Tufts Security and Privacy Lab

Preventing major data leaks

Daniel Votipka, Lin Family Assistant Professor of Computer Science, talks about the rise in critical data breaches—and what organizations can do to defend their networks.
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