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School of Engineering

Summer Scholars named in Department of Computer Science

Thursday, April 26, 2018
Six computer science students will participate in ten-week independent research projects this summer.
Tufts campus in summer.

Three CS students will be pursuing research within the Department of Computer Science as part of this year’s Summer Scholars Program: Junior Julie Jiang will be studying Graph Embedding in Large Scale Networks with Liping Liu; sophomore Faizan Muhammad will be studying Augmented Reality for Collaborative Service Robots with Jivko Sinapov; and junior Emily Sim will be studying Impact of a Normatively Charged, High-Risk, Multi-Agent System on a Robot's Norm Learning Process with Matthias Scheutz.

In addition, three students will be pursuing research in closely-related fields. Junior Man Duc Nguyen will be studying Learning Word Embeddings via Variational Tensor Factorization with Shuchin Aeron in Electrical and Computer Engineering; junior Catherine Cowell will be studying Learning Computer Programming in Early Childhood: The Impact of Speaking a Second Language with Marina Bers in Child Study and Human Development; and sophomore Ilya Yurchenko will be studying Neuronal Dynamics on Patterned Substrates with Christian Staii in Physics and Astronomy.

Summer Scholars pursue ten-week independent research projects over the summer, and present their research throughout the following academic year.