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School of Engineering

New focus areas for CS undergraduates

Thursday, November 8, 2018
CS majors can explore course offerings across many themes.
An overhead shot of a roof garden with TUFTS on it

The field of computer science covers an extraordinarily wide range of career possibilities. Do you want to implement Asimov’s First Law of robotics? Find new ways to manipulate large data for the betterment of humankind? Use your mad hacking skills to bring the movie Wargames to an updated reality? The number of options can be overwhelming. 

To help manage the complexity, the department is introducing focus areas that outline a coherent plan of study for those who know they want more exposure to certain specialized areas of computer science. The first focus area to roll out was developed by Senior Lecturer Ming Chow for the widely popular area of Cyber Security.

Additional information is now available for focus areas in Artificial Intelligence, Human-robot Interaction, and Robotics. Students can use these materials to help them structure their choice of classes over the course of their CS major. Look for additional focus areas next semester!