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School of Engineering

Computer Science team competes in planning conference

Thursday, September 13, 2018
Doctoral candidate Hao Cui and Adjunct Professor Roni Khardon participated in the International Planning Competition.
A computer screen with code on it

Hao Cui, a doctoral candidate, and Roni Khardon, an adjunct professor, both of the Department of Computer Science, received a runner-up prize at the International Planning Competition, organized as part of the International Conference on Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS).

The competition evaluates state-of-the-art planning systems on a number of benchmark problems, in order to promote research, highlight challenges the planning community, and discuss future research.

Cui and Khardon worked in the probabilistic discrete MDP track of the competition, which focuses on the maximization of the expected reward in a discrete environment.

The project title was "SOGBOFA-IPC18" and was supported by NSF grant IIS-1616280.