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School of Engineering

Innovating and collaborating at Tufts

Friday, October 12, 2018
Engineering faculty participate in 12 funded projects through Tufts program.
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Tufts Innovates seeks to spark imaginative ideas to enhance learning and teaching, including interdisciplinary approaches that integrate research. Tufts Collaborates seeks to encourage the essential first steps in interdisciplinary collaboration by supporting projects engaging at least two disciplines and crosing institutional lines.

Projects funded for the 2018-19 year with leads or collaborators from the School of Engineering are listed here. See the full list of Tufts Innovates and Tufts Collaborates awardees. 

Tufts Innovates:

  • Learning from Automated Testing of Computer Codes: Norman Ramsey, School of Engineering
  • Engineers for the Public Good: Innovating Civic Engineering Education: Ethan Danahy, Center for Engineering Education and Outreach and Tisch College

Tufts Collaborates:

  • Infection on a Chip: Long-Term in Vitro Studies of Early Events in Tuberculosis Infection:
    • Principal Investigator: Bree Aldridge, School of Medicine
    • Collaborators: Xiaocheng Jiang and Shumin Tan, School of Engineering and School of Medicine
  • Yeast Evolution-on-a-Chip: Microfluidic Selection of Adhesive Proteins:
    • Principal Investigator: Stephen Fuchs, School of Arts and Sciences
    • Collaborators: Jeffrey Guasto, Kristina Reinmets, and Amim Dehkharghani, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering
  • Label-Free, Functional, High Resolution Imaging for Early Cancer Detection
    • Principal Investigator: Irene Georgakoudi, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Thao-Thong Thieu and Elizabeth Genega, School of Medicine
  • Elimination of Surfactant-Induced Flow Resistance in Superhydrophobic Microchannels
    • Principal Investigator: Marc Hodes, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Xiaozhe Hu and James Adler, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Correlating Clinically Assessed Gingival Health and Metabolic Profile of Collected Saliva Samples Before and After Adult Prophylaxis Treatment
    • Principal Investigator: Yoon Kang, School of Dental Medicine
    • Collaborators: Kyongbum Lee, School of Engineering
  • Can Machine Learning Imporve the Representation of Humans in the Hydrologic Cycle?
    • Principal Investigator: Jonathan Lamontagne, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Liping Liu, School of Engineering
  • Laboratory Investigations of Fouling in Membrane Filters Used for Household Water Treatment in Low-Income and Emergency Contexts
    • Principal Investigator: Daniele Susan Lantagne, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Ayse Asatekin, Marlene Wolfe, and Alice Olveira-Aguiar, School of Engineering
  • Engineering Chronic Wound Microbiota to Promote Healing
    • Principal Investigator: Nikhil Nair, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Ira Herman,  Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • From Biomaterials to Product Design: Screen-printing of Bio-active Inks to make Interactive Surfaces
    • Principal Investigator: Fiorenzo Omenetto, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Michael Hecht, Laia Mogas Soldevila, Giusy Matzeu, School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, School of Engineering and CABCS
  • Fully-Zwitterionic Copolymer Composites for Safer Electrochemical Energy Storage
    • Principal Investigator: Matthew Panzer, School of Engineering
    • Collaborators: Peggy Cebe, School of Arts and Sciences