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School of Engineering

Summer Scholars in Engineering

Friday, June 28, 2019
Seven engineering students received Summer Scholars funding to work on independent undergraduate research projects at Tufts.
Aerial view of the roof of Tisch Library at Tufts University

Each year, the Tufts Summer Scholars program funds rising juniors and seniors from across disciplines to pursue ten-week independent undergraduate research projects. Students within the program work with a faculty mentor to prepare their work for a poster session in the fall. The program is administered by the Office of Scholar Development. A complete list of the engineering summer scholars is provided below.

Biomedical Engineering

Akshita Rao, E21, will work with Assistant Professor Brian Timko to study multiplexed electrophysiology in three-dimensional cardiac tissue models using multi-electrode arrays.

Yifan Peng, E20, will work with Assistant Madeleine Oudin to investigate the mechanism of obesity driven metastasis.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Justin Reyes, E20, will work with Chair and Professor Laurie Baise to explore site response classification in New England.

Computer Science

Oliver Korten, A20, will work with Professor Diane Souvaine to untangle graphs in the plane.

Yirong Tang, A20, will work with Ann and Peter Lambertus Assistant Professor Michael Hughes to study the handling of irregular and missing data for time series with switching state space models.

Mechanical Engineering

Taissa Gladkova, E20, will work with Assistant Professor Erica Kemmerling to analyze abdominal aortic aneurysm ruptures.

Richard Kaufman, E21, will work with Assistant Professor Deborah Sunter to explore the influence of race and ethnicity on the spread of rooftop photovoltaic systems.