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School of Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering 2020 retrospective

Friday, May 15, 2020
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering congratulates this year's graduates and award winners.
Campus photo, status of Jumbo the elephant


BSCES Awards

Howe-Walker Award
Awarded to a Tufts student for leadership in ASCE Student Chapter.

  • Sebastian Sak

William P. Morse Scholarship
Awarded to Tufts CEE senior(s) having a very strong record of academic achievement.

  • Michelle Meyer
  • Sarah Morton

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Awards

Michael E. Avtges Award
In memory of Michael E. Avtges, awarded to deserving CEE students. Established in 1989 by Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Avtges and SAME-Boston Post.

  • Pietro Picco

Max O. Urbahn Award
Awarded to an academically outstanding senior.

  • Michelle Meyer

CEE Department Awards

John A. Cataldo Awards
Named after John A. Cataldo (BSCE 1946), Recognizes outstanding juniors in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department who have demonstrated meritorious academic achievement, good character, and promise as leaders in their profession.

2019-2020 Cataldo Scholars:

  • Sal Herrera-Montesdeoca – working with Associate Professors Chris Swan and Kristen Wendell
  • Sarah Morton – working with Professor Helen Suh
  • Magny Mukundwa – working with Professor Laurie Baise
  • Sean Murphy – working with Assistant Professor Jon Lamontagne
  • Pietro Picco – working with Associate Professor Chris Swan
  • Justin Reyes – working with Professor Laurie Baise
  • Sabastian Sak – working with Professor Masoud Sanayei

2020-2021 Cataldo Scholars

  • Plearn Aroonchote – working with Assistant Professor Jon Lamontagne
  • Elana Chan – working with Tiampo Family Assistant Professor Amy Pickering
  • Kim Dao – working with Associate Professor Chris Swan
  • Mateo Gomez – working with Assistant Professor Jon Lamontagne

Earle F. Littleton Awards
Awarded to seniors and graduate students in the CEE program who are active in professional, community or department affairs and show promise of becoming active and loyal alumni.


  • Sophie Buckingham
  • Katherine Lamberti
  • Michelle Meyer
  • Sarah Morton
  • Magnifique Mukundwa
  • Sean Murphy
  • Pietro Picco


  • Jason Hnatko
  • Fatemeh Kazemiparkouhi
  • Deniz Ranjpour
  • Sofia Puerto Tchemodanova

Earle F. Littleton Fellowships for Graduate Studies
Awarded to current seniors and graduate students who are active in the profession, community or department and will attend or are attending Tufts for graduate studies.

  • Annika Han
  • Sebastian Sak
  • April Weintraub

Kentaro Tsutsumi Fellowship
Awarded to students, with outstanding graduate research potential in Structural Engineering, who have demonstrated meritorious academics, good character, and promise as leaders in the profession.

  • Lauren Quickel

N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Fellowship
Named after N. Bruce Hanes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for 32 years and his wife Lorry, recognizes outstanding Master’s level research potential at the interface of Engineering and Public Health.

  • Molly Cantrell

Edgerton Fellowship
Named after William W. Edgerton (BSCE1970), a past president of Jacobs Associates, a national leader in underground construction, this honor is awarded to a promising geotechnical engineering graduate student.  Award selection is based on the recipient’s academic performance, research promise, and leadership potential in geotechnical engineering research and/or practice.

  • Alex Chansky

Senior Awards
Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA) has presented Senior Awards to graduating members of the senior class for academic achievement, participation in campus and community activities, and leadership.

  •  Magnifique Mukundwa

2020 Presidential Award for Civic Life Recipient
Tufts recognizes some of our most inspiring graduate and undergraduate students with the university’s highest honor for outstanding civic leadership and service.

  • April Weintraub                                                                                                              

CEE Faculty Award

ASCE/CEE Faculty Member of the Year Award
Given annually by Civil and Environmental Engineering students to the faculty member whose enthusiasm, dedication, and mentorship best inspires us to pursue our passions.

  • Associate Professor Chris Swan

CEE Alumni Awards

Distinguished Service Award
In recognition of his accomplishments as a leader in civil and environmental engineering education and practice. His contributions to the department, especially with respect to teaching numerical methods and computing for civil and environmental engineering, are appreciated today and in the future.

  • Professor Steven Chapra, Louis Berger Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Outstanding Achievement Award
In recognition of their outstanding achievements and leadership in their careers. Their contributions to their fields are a bright light that shines favorably on Civil and Environmental Engineering and Tufts University.

  • Jim, E83 and A83, and Kristy Tiampo, E83

SOE Incoming Graduate Student Fellowships:

Dean's Fellowship

  • Burak Bagirgan (advisor: Professor Babak Moaveni)
  • Abigail Birnbaum (advisor: Assistant Professor Jonathan Lamontagne)
  • Catherine Knox (advisor: Professor Shafik Islam)
  • Christina Sanon (advisor: Professor Laurie Baise)

Provost Fellowship

  • Marine Ricau (advisor: Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne)