Benefits and Expectations of GETT

Expectations for Teaching Fellows

  • Time commitment - GETT Fellows will be expected to commit themselves to and participate in all workshops. Those who are students in Tufts School of Engineering are required to participate in Part III, which is the course co-teaching. Part III is optional for other participants.
  • Meetings with faculty mentors - Once the May workshops sessions have been completed, those continuing to Part III of the program and serving as Teaching Fellows are expected to meet regularly with their faculty mentor to prepare for co-teaching the mentor's summer, fall, or spring course.
  • Co-teaching - TFs will have shared responsibility, with their faculty mentor, for many aspects of the course. For instance, they may play an active role in designing the syllabus, reviewing the reading list and the course content. TFs are expected to teach at least two sessions during the course.
  • Differentiation between TF & TA - TFs are not expected to serve in the capacity of Teaching Assistants (TA's). However in some cases TFs are hired by departments to also serve as a paid TA for the same course. That arrangement is separate from the Teaching Fellowship through GETT.

Benefits of GETT Teaching Fellowship 

  • Co-teaching opportunity - Teaching Fellows (TF) will be given the opportunity to co-teach a Tufts course during the summer, fall or spring semesters under the mentorship and supervision of a Tufts faculty member.
  • Opportunity to interact with graduate students and post docs from other disciplines who share an interest and commitment to teaching.
  • Prepare for future employment by increasing both teaching and communication skills through peer-reviewed practice in a supportive learning environment.
  • Facilitation for developing a teaching statement.
  • Tuition and Stipend - Tufts doctoral SOE students will receive a tuition scholarship to enroll in the GETT program. Engineering GETT fellows will also be paid a taxable stipend for their teaching responsibilities. If the TF is unable to fulfill her/his teaching commitment in the summer, fall or spring, she/he will be expected to forfeit the third portion of the stipend, and the satisfactory transcript grade unless other teaching arrangements are made.