GETT in Three Parts

Parts I and II: Spring Workshops on Pedagogy

Part I and II workshops take place for 13 sessions:

  • part one: five sessions from March 16 through March 20 (during Spring break) and
  • part two: eight sessions from May 11 through May 20, and cover an array of pedagogical training skills, taught by current faculty at Tufts.

Toward the end of Part II, each GETT teaching fellow presents a sample lesson and receives feedback from fellow students and faculty.

Parts I and II include a social event with a panel of faculty. This event gives fellows the opportunity to benefit from faculty expertise on such issues as tenure, the balance between research and teaching, and how to find the right academic institutional match.

Part III: Classroom Experience

Each graduate student teaching fellow will co-teach a course under the direction of a faculty mentor during the summer, fall or spring semesters. Unlike the role of a TA, which entails classroom assistance, the Teaching Fellow (TF) plays an active role in designing and delivering at least two teaching sessions. During the course, fellows will gain experience in the following:

  • Preparing a course syllabus
  • Classroom teaching (each teaching fellow leads a minimum of two classroom sessions)
  • Developing some exam and essay questions
  • Applying what they learned during the workshops in a classroom setting
  • Receiving feedback from their mentors and putting it into practice