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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • The Tufts Community Appeal invites faculty and staff to contribute to their communities at Tufts and beyond.

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  • Complexity of Transboundary Water Conflicts, Enabling Conditions for Negotiating Contingent Resolutions, a new book co-edited by Professor Shafiqul Islam (pictured) and colleague Enamul Choudhury, looks at new ways of resolving transboundary water issues around the world. 

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  • Associate Professor Daniele Lantagne's team combines lab research and fieldwork to improve water sanitation and treatment in emergencies.

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  • Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who also served as a faculty member and Associate Dean in the School of Engineering, speaks to Dean of Undergraduate Education Chris Swan about the role of engineering in politics.

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  • Tufts researchers worked with colleagues to analyze processes for providing safe drinking water in Syria.

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  • The team, including many engineering students, won its third NCAA Division III championship in five years.

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  • In The Conversation, Professor Doug Brugge discusses the importance of regulating air pollution along with Kevin James Lane, an assistant professor at Boston University.

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  • A group of Tufts researchers studied the efficacy of disinfectants in preventing transmission of Ebola Virus Disease.

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  • Associate Professor Andrew Ramsburg and Katherine A. Muller, EG16, developed new, empirical models that enhance the ability to predict dispersivity in laboratory-scale water-saturated and air–water systems of sandy porous media, which can be applied to irrigation models, site remediation, and other cases.

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