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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • PhD student Veronica Gonsalez won second place in the student paper/presentation competition at the 30th Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air.

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  • Professor Emeritus Steven Chapra and alum Dr. Kyle Flynn, EG14, received the 2021 Samuel Arnold Greeley Award from the ASCE’s Environmental and Water Resources Institute.

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  • In research published in Nature Communications, a computer model developed by Tufts researchers and colleagues shows that human economic activity can transmit and magnify climate change impact.

    Energy, water, and environment, Research news, Faculty, Graduate students
  • Civil and Environmental Research Professor John Germaine shares his experience teaching laboratory specialists from around the world as part of the Courses at Tufts program.

    COVID-19, Learning science, Engineers, Faculty, Graduate students
  • Tufts Entrepreneurship Center is pleased to announce the teams moving forward to the Semi-Finals on March 19, 2021.

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  • Professor Shafiqul Islam will serve on the editorial board of Water Resources Research (WRR), a flagship journal of the American Geophysical Union.

    Research, Energy, water, and environment, Research news, Engineers, Faculty
  • Stacey Coleman Morse, E77, discusses her efforts to support annual giving and volunteer work at the School of Engineering.

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  • Myisha Majumder, E21, has been recognized as a member of the 2021 ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering - College class.

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  • Myisha Majumder, E21, a double major in civil engineering and quantitative economics, studies the intersection of the environment, equity, and energy.

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