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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • Roan Gideon, M.S. student in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering, is studying how to increase the global clean energy supply.

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  • Researchers, including Research Assistant Professor Neelakshi Hudda of Civil and Environmental Engineering, find harmful air pollution in communities surrounding Boston Logan International Airport.

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  • Assistant Professor Jonathan Lamontagne appears as a guest on a podcast discussing the need for immediate global action to preserve a tolerable climate future.

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  • Amy Pickering and Michael C. Hughes were named the Tiampo Family Assistant Professor and the Ann W. Lambertus, J75 and Peter Lambertus Assistant Professor, respectively.

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  • Research led by Amy Pickering, Tiampo Family Assistant Professor, finds that novel treatment device can reduce child diarrhea by nearly a quarter in urban Bangladesh.

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  • New graduate programs provide students with the skills to become leaders and innovators in their fields.

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  • Tiampo Family Assistant Professor Amy Pickering conducted a study indicating improved drinking water should be a key component of control strategies against parasitic worm and protozoan infections in rural Kenya.

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  • Academics from around the world will join Tufts faculty to discuss imaging challenges in mathematics, medicine, and more. The conference, Modern Challenges in Imaging, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Allan Cormack's Nobel Prize with presentations from Professor and Chair Eric Miller, University Professor and former dean Linda Abriola, and Professor Sergio Fantini.

  • Amanda Parry, EG18, received a WiDF Professional Development Grant from the Deep Foundations Institute.

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