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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering News

  • The Tufts community affirms the School of Engineering’s commitment to building a more just, equitable, inclusive, and diverse culture within the School and across Tufts.

    STEM diversity, Campus news
  • Pushing for greater equity and inclusion in science education and engineering helps address inequities across the board, Dr. Gilda Barabino tells Tufts audience.

    Tufts Now, Women engineers, STEM diversity, Campus news
  • As an Indigenous student, Tylee Nez, E24, finds ways to educate the Tufts community about Native American issues, both past and present.

    Students, Undergraduate students, Women engineers
  • Jonah Apo, E22, finds meaningful ways to connect with his Native Hawaiian heritage, even thousands of miles from home.

    Tufts Now, Undergraduate students
  • An annual structural analysis bridge competition moved forward this fall in a new setting at Tufts.

    COVID-19, Learning science, Human-technology interface, Faculty, Graduate students
  • A new cross-school initiative at Tufts aims to change how we teach data science in STEM and non-STEM disciplines alike.

    Research, Tufts Now, Engineers, Faculty, Campus news
  • Professor John Durant and Research Assistant Professor Neelakshi Hudda discuss the improvement in air quality due to less vehicles on the road during the pandemic.

    COVID-19, Research, Energy, water, and environment, Faculty, Women engineers
  • Information regarding the planned instruction modality for spring courses is now available.

    Students, Graduate students, Undergraduate students
  • Tufts will head a global program that aims to stop new viruses from becoming a widespread danger to humans.

    COVID-19, Tufts Now, Faculty