Former Lab Members

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Chiara Vannucci, Senior Licensing Associate at Tufts University
  • Dr. Yajnaseni Biswas, Senior Research Officer at Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  • Dr. Ahbishek Narayan Mondal

PhD Students

  • Dr. Prity Bengani-Lutz, PhD 2017, Market Entry Strategy Manager at Sartorius Stedim Biotech
  • Dr. Papatya Kaner, PhD 2018, Lead Reviewer at FDA, Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
  • Dr. Eileen (Ilin) Sadeghi, PhD 2018, Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, Langer Lab
  • Dr. Samuel Lounder, PhD 2022, Research Scientist at ZwitterCo, Inc.

Master's Students

  • Susan Story, BSCHE 2012, ME 2013, Millipore Sigma
  • William Lind, MS CHE 2016, DuPont
  • Mitch Saeger, BS/MS CHE 2016, Millipore Sigma
  • Jun Wang, MS CHE 2021, University of Notre Dame

Visiting Students

  • Canan Aksoy, MS candidate, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Fatma Calili, MS candidate, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Sefika Ozcan, PhD candidate, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Undergraduate Students

  • Mollie Chipman, BS Biochemistry 2017; PhD candidate, Sloan Kettering Center
  • Elisha Converse, BSCHE 2016, Physical Sciences, Inc.
  • Lily Corcoran, BSCHE 2016
  • Diana Dzerovych, BSCHE 2015, Newell Brands
  • Shira Faigel, BSCHE 2016, Johnson Controls
  • Colleen Golja, BSCHE 2015, PhD Candidate, Harvard University
  • Daniel Harrigan, BSCHE 2015, Aramco Research Center
  • Do Hyun Kim, BSCHE 2016, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Yangming Kou, BSCHE 2016, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
  • Elijah Martin, BSCHE 2017
  • Akash Mittal, BSCHE 2015, Pfizer
  • Jacquelyn Nwagwu, BSENVE 2017
  • Emil Rubakh, BSCHE 2017, Nalas Engineering Services
  • Jeff Stich, BSCHE 2015
  • Lindsey Walker, BSCHE 2015, UBS
  • Vinny Wang, BSCHE 2015, MACOM Technology
  • Phillip Weiner, BSCHE 2015, Sandia National Labs