Gaining Access

For a single-time use or a tour of the facility, please contact the lab manager or lab director.

Internal Tufts Users (students, post-docs, faculty, staff)

For access as an internal Tufts user (student, post-doc, faculty or staff), please let the lab manager or lab director know you are interested in joining the lab, and then download and fill out the Access Request Form. As stated on the form, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete an access request form, and gather the required signatures.
  • Read the TMNF user's guide.
  • Work through the online safety training, and give a copy of your completion certificate to the lab manager at the lab training session and orientation.
  • Arrange a laboratory training session and lab tour with TMNF staff. This will take approximately 2 hours. Be prepared to describe briefly what type of work you plan to do in the lab.
  • For all lab users, usage fees will be charged for equipment use. Check with your advisor and department/group administrator, to make sure they are aware there are usage fees and that funds are available to pay them. For more information and rate schedule, please contact the lab manager.

Request Access

External Users (local companies, research labs)

The laboratory is open to external users, and a procedure exists to put the needed legal and financial structures in place.

For access as an external user who is currently not affiliated with Tufts (such as a local company or research lab), please contact the lab director, and details of the arrangement can be worked out. The basic steps we will go through are:

  • Discuss, either by phone or in person, the capabilities of the lab, the scope of activities that are planned, and the level of support that can be provided.
  • Tufts will provide a contract for the arrangement, which will be reviewed by the external user, and executed.
  • Designated process engineers will become Tufts affiliates, and at that point will need to go through the same training as internal lab users (see above).
  • For external lab users, as with internal users, usage fees will be assessed. The fee structure will be provided during initial discussions.