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Research and Funding

Tufts University offers a variety of programs and research opportunities related to diversity and inclusion that serve current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and our surrounding communities. We encourage you to explore them and apply for those that will enrich and elevate your experience at the university.

Research Programs Funding

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Faculty Committees

  • The Diversity Fund Committee supports proposals from faculty, staff, or faculty/staff collaborating with students that focus on issues related to social justice, diversity, and campus social climate that will enhance our campus community in lasting ways.

  • The function of the School of Engineering Educational Objectives and Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC) is to coordinate School of Engineering (SOE) processes for continuous improvement of its programs. 

  • The function of the Equal Educational Opportunity Committee (EEOC) is to concern itself with programs intended to provide equal educational opportunity to students from all segments of society. It promotes efforts to attract, support, and retain students, faculty, administrators, and staff from all segments of society, and it is concerned with the creation of a positive working, learning, and living environment for the campus community.

  • The function of the Subcommittee on Specific Learning Disabilities, a subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee, is to review and coordinate efforts relating to the issues of specific learning disabilities on campus, including the provision of equal educational opportunity through accommodation to the disability and the evaluation of student petitions in consultation with appropriate deans.

Resource Groups

  • The Anti-Racism Reading Group is an interdisciplinary and compassionate space for the Tufts community to learn, unlearn, and identify actions. Open to Tufts students, staff and faculty. All meetings are held virtually and are not recorded. All selected readings are free or freely available. 

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  • Start a conversation with your co-workers.

  • The Color of Us (CoU) was created by a group of black Tufts staff members on the Boston campus to address the lack of diversity and inclusion resources available to black students, staff, and faculty on the Tufts Medical Campus. CoU aims to collaborate with Medford-based Tufts organizations to foster cross-campus inclusion initiatives that celebrate all black identities represented in the Tufts community. 

  • Pa’lante is a group for faculty, staff and administrators who identify as Latin American, Caribbean, Latinx and Hispanic (Latinx+) to come together as a community. We understand that the Latinx+ community is not a monolith and we welcome Latinidad in all its forms, from English or Spanish only, Spanglish, bilingual, Creole or Nahuatl to the smell of tostones, tamales, or freshly brewed tinto. We aim to foster connections between Latinx+ professionals across the Tufts community via social events, mentoring, advocacy and other professional development opportunities. Pa’lante (short for “para adelante”) is a colloquial Spanish phrase, particularly in Puerto Rico, which means "onward" or "forward." This group hopes to honor our cultures while moving us forward as a community of professionals.

    For more information, please contact Marvin Casasola, Director of the Latinx Center, at marvin.casasola@tufts.edu.

  • The Parents Employee Resource Collaborative focuses on the needs of working parents at Tufts University. Membership is open to anyone who is a parent-to-be, parent, foster parent, guardian, grandparent or caregiver of children.

  • The overarching goal of the School of Engineering Staff Life Committee is to put forward solutions to improve staff life in the School of Engineering. We will take a hands-on approach to creating a supportive work environment and to providing direct feedback to the School of Engineering leadership team from the staff.

  • The purpose of Tufts Asian and Asian American Affinity Group is to serve as a social and professional network for Tufts faculty and staff whose families originate from Asia and Pacific Islander regions and immigrated to the United States recently or many generations ago.

  • The Tufts Black Faculty & Staff Alliance aims to increase the inclusion of Black employees by providing the opportunity to connect, share expertise and mentor, increase opportunities for professional development and gather data regarding Tufts' commitment to progress through diversity, collaboration and inclusiveness.

  • Tufts Pride Caucus is an affinity group for faculty and staff who identify as LGBTQIA*. We aim to build connections and support within and around the LGBTQIA* community at Tufts through networking and advocacy.


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