Services and Training

Services and Training


Overview of TEC Facility MBE Services
The Tufts Epitaxial Core Facility is a user facility providing for self-directed instrument use, staff-assisted instrument use, and MBE training for both academic and non-academic users. All new users may have a 1-hour free consultation to discuss the specifics of their growth and characterization needs. Hourly rates for MBE use are listed below. Initial basic MBE system operation training is provided at a set fee per session per user rate. Additional staff overseen in-depth training on growth of specific material sets and training for independent MBE operation can be provided at the staff-assisted rate. Different individuals and the specifics of their experimental goals will necessitate different levels of training, but due to the complexity of their operation normally several training sessions are needed before an MBE system can be used independently without staff oversight. Please contact the TEC Facility staff with the specifics of your request and to discuss training to become an independent facility user.


Limited quantities of grown to order samples and film stacks can be produced by facility staff for a fee. The base cost is $300/hr of MBE system time used to grow the requested samples, but the cost per sample will vary based on setup time needed, growth time per sample, substrate cost, and any additional non-standard calibration or characterization needed. Please contact the TEC facility staff with the details of your project and specific needs so that a more accurate price estimate can be provided.


Other Laboratories and Equipment
The equipment in the Materials Characterization Laboratory is available for use by Tufts internal and external users. This includes the ellipsometers, hall effect system, and semiconductor process training modules. Please contact the TEC facility staff for information on training and use of specific equipment. Rates for primary equipment is below. Initial training will be provided free of charge, but any additional training will be charged at the staff-assisted rate.
Equipment in the REAP optical laboratory requires the permission of the REAP lab's director for use. Please contact Professor Thomas Vandervelde for information on collaborating with the REAP lab.


Training and Educational Opportunities
The TEC Facility and its staff are available to provide training and educational experiences in vacuum technology, MBE deposition, optical characterization, and semiconductor device fabrication. Please contact the TEC Facility staff to discuss existing training offerings and any proposed educational opportunities.


TEC Facility MBE System Use Rates

MBE System Tufts Unassisted Use ($/hr)* Tufts Staff-Assisted Use ($/hr)* Non-Tufts Academic Unassisted Use ($/hr)* Non-Tufts Academic Staff Assisted Use ($/hr)* Non-Academic Unassisted Use ($/hr)* Non-Academic Staff-Assisted Use ($/hr)* Initial Training Growth (staff led, flat-rate)†
GEN Xplor GM1 (As/Sb) $75 $125 $75 $125 $175 $250 $100
GEN XPlor GM2 (As/P) $75 $125 $75 $125 $175 $250 $100
VG90 GM1 (Si/Ge/Sn) $75 $125 $75 $125 $175 $250 $100


* Minimum booking time per MBE system is 4 hours. Most growths, even simple ones, will take longer than that due to time for system setup and growth rate calibration. If you believe you need less than 4 hours please discuss that with facility staff to coordinate scheduling and correct billing.
Initial training growth fee is a flat-fee charged per user. Training growths are basic, non-project specific growths where a facility staff member will review the MBE system, run over basic startup, shut-down, and calibration procedures, and then depending on user skill level either carry out a full growth or supervise the user being trained in doing so. Please contact TEC Facility staff for more information on the full MBE use training process.


Materials Characterization Laboratory Equipment Use Rates
Contact TEC Facility staff for information about using equipment for coursework and coursework use rates.

Equipment Tufts Unassisted Use ($/hr) Tufts Staff-Assisted Use ($/hr) Non-Tufts Academic Unassisted Use ($/hr) Non-Tufts Academic Staff Assisted Use ($/hr) Non-Academic Unassisted Use ($/hr) Non-Academic Staff-Assisted Use ($/hr)
VASE UV-NIR Ellipsometer $20 $50 $20 $50 $50 $100
IR-VASE Ellipsometer $20 $50 $20 $50 $50 $100
Hall Effect System $20 $50 $20 $50 $50 $100
Modulab Etch Bench $15 $45 $15 $45 $45 $90
Modulab Wet Process Bench $15 $45 $15 $45 $45 $90
Modulab Lithography System $15 $45 $15 $45 $45 $90
Modulab PVD System $15 $45 $15 $45 $45 $90
Modulab Oxidation Furnace $15 $45 $15 $45 $45 $90
Modulab Dopant Furnace $15 $45 $15 $45 $45 $90