Student Highlight:

Tufts Junior Wins Drucker Challenge

Khuyen G. Bui's winning essay, focused on managing oneself in the digital age, was selected from nearly 150 entries from around the world.
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In Focus:

Tufts Gordon Institute launches master's degree in innovation and management

Undergraduates with degrees in science or engineering have a strong foundation of technical expertise. But most lack the business skills and leadership qualities they need for early career impact and long term success in the innovation economy. To address this knowledge gap, Tufts University's Gordon Institute is launching a one-year, master's program in innovation and management that is specifically designed to provide recent engineering and science graduates with the skills they need to succeed as leaders in the technology sector. Learn more >

Research Highlights:

Scheutz Research Featured in IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum wrote about Professor Matthias Scheutz's research in the Human-Robot Interaction Lab. Scheutz and doctoral student Gordon Briggs (featured above) are trying to figure out how to develop mechanisms for robots to reject orders that they receive from humans, as long as the robots have a good enough excuse for doing so.