Student Highlight:

Track star Mitchell Black, E16, wins his third NCAA crown

Mitchell Black is a double major in mechanical engineering and astrophysics and has applied to graduate programs in aerospace, aeronautics and astronautics, and space engineering, as well as for positions at NASA. On March 12 in Grinnell, Iowa, Black added a third NCAA 800 meters title to his resume, winning the 2016 indoor event with considerable ease.
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In The News:

$3M Grant Awarded to Mass Nanotech Consortium

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced $3 million in state support of the Cluster for Advanced Nanomanufacturing of Smart Sensors and Materials (ANSSeM) — a consortium of Massachusetts businesses and universities led by Northeastern University that includes Tufts University School of Engineering and University of Massachusetts Boston. Associate Professor Sameer Sonkusale in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor Igor Sokolov in the Department of Mechanical Engineering will purchase equipment for developing nanoscale sensors and for measuring nanomechanical properties, respectively.

Research Highlight:

Dorfmann Studies Dynamics of the Chameleon Tongue

Associate Professor Luis Dorfmann worked with colleagues to propose a mathematical model, based on large deformation elasticity, to explain the ballistic projection of the chameleon tongue. The model could potentially have applications in the design of elastic materials. Read the research paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, and coverage from BBC News.