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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering News

  • Biomanufacturing can speed production of a low-glycemic sweetener—and may unlock its commercial potential, say Assistant Professor Nikhil Nair and Postdoctoral Fellow Josef Bober.

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  • Tufts Graduate Society of Women Engineers received multiple awards from the Society of Women Engineers during the WE19 annual conference.

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  • Faculty and students recently published a paper in Computational Materials Science detailing their analysis of the effects of different configurations of bismuth atoms on the stability of GaAsBi compounds.

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  • Tufts University recently hosted the North Atlantic Engineering Leadership Conference.

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  • Maria (Miretta) Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Robert and Marcy Haber Endowed Professor in Energy Sustainability, passed away on October 28.

  • Pancreatic beta cells “switched on” by light are engineered to enhance production of insulin in response to glucose levels.

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  • Researchers at Tufts’ Laboratory for Living Devices link materials like silk and paper with technology, medicine, and diagnostics.

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  • Anastasios Angelopoulos, E84 and EG88, has been named the new Head of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

  • In research published in Nature Communications, a former member of Tufts’ Nano Catalysis and Energy Lab and colleagues develop a new group of catalysts.

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