Curriculum Overview

The bioengineering master's program has two components: an interdisciplinary core curriculum, including one class outside of students' chosen sub-specialty to increase the breadth of bioengineering knowledge; and courses required by the department for students' chosen track. Master's degrees require a minimum of 30 SHUs and the fulfillment of at least 10 courses with grades of S (satisfactory) or at least a B-.

The bioengineering master's program has six tracks:

Core curriculum (Total 12 SHUs)

A. Choose 1 (3 SHUs)

Course IDCourse Name
BME 162, CHBE 162, or BIO 162 
(3 SHUs)
Molecular Biotechnology
BIO 105
(3 SHUs)
Molecular Biology

B. Seminar (Total 3 SHUs)

Course IDCourse Name
BIOE 291 
(2 SHUs)
Bioengineering Seminar I
(1 SHU)
Bioengineering Seminar II

C. Special Topics - Choose 1 (3 SHUs)

Course IDCourse Name
*CHBE 194
(3 SHUs)
Data Science in Biotechnology
CHBE 170
(3 SHUs)
Design of Experiments
EE 104
(3 SHUs)
Probabilistic Systems Analysis
†BME 141
(3 SHUs)
Analytical Tools for Biomedical Engineering
BME 143
(3 SHUs)
Biological Systems Analysis

D. Breadth Requirement - Choose 1 (3 SHUs)

‡One course from another track in the Bioengineering Master's Program
(3 SHUs)

*Approved only for Cell and Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, and Biomechanical Systems and Devices tracks

† Approved only for Biomaterials track

Advisor approval is required.

Core Course Information

Please consult the Student Information System website for exact times and dates of all classes offered below