Biomechanical Systems and Devices Track

The Biomechanical Systems and Devices track, administered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, investigates the application of technology to human biological systems. Areas of study include the mechanics of hard and soft tissues, human biomechanics, dynamics of human-machine interaction, and the design of assistive technology and medical devices. Students develop a foundation with core courses in thermal-fluid processes, mechanics and materials, or dynamic/robotic systems, and specialize in a particular area of study through the appropriate selection of elective courses.

Track requirements

In addition to the four core course/12 SHU requirements, students in this track must also:

Choose any two from courses below:

Course ID Course Name
ME 110
(3 SHUs)
Manufacturing Processes and Materials Technology
ME 120
(3 SHUs)
Solid Mechanics
ME 121
(3 SHUs)
Advanced Dynamics and Vibration
ME 130
(3 SHUs)
Digital Control of Dynamic Systems
ME 140
(3 SHUs)
Inventive Design
ME 150
(3 SHUs)
Thermal-Fluid Transport I
ME 151
(3 SHUs)
Thermal-Fluid Transport II
ME 193
(3 SHUs)
Assistive Design or Design for Sustainability

Elective Credits in Biomechanical Systems and Devices

Choose any two (for MS Thesis) or three (for MS Non-Thesis) from the track electives below:

Course ID Course Name
ChBE 204
(3 SHUs)
Advanced Transport Phenomena
ENP 110
(3 SHUs)
Human Factors of Medical Systems
ME 117
(3 SHUs)
ME 123
(3 SHUs)
ME 134
(3 SHUs)
ME 144
(3 SHUs)
Micro-fabrication and Design
ME 171
(3 SHUs)
Advanced Data Acquisition
ME 177
(3 SHUs)
Finite Elements
ME 253
(3 SHUs)
Flow-Real Viscous Fluids

In addition to the above requirements:

MS Non-Thesis students must also enroll in 3 SHU credits of either ME 194 (Master's Project) or any
200-level Engineering Management (EM) course.
MS Thesis students must also enroll in ME 0296 (Master's Thesis) for 6 SHUs.

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