Biomaterials Track

The Biomaterials track, administered by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, involves the study of the interaction of biomaterials with their environment in the context of biomedical applications. Students will be encouraged to focus their studies on one of several bio-medically relevant topics, including tissue engineering, biological delivery, or the interaction of biomaterials with mammalian tissues. The nature of this track will require students to select courses from a number of departments.

Track Requirements

In addition to the 12 core SHU requirements, students in this track must also take:

Course ID Course Name
BIO 153
(3 SHUs)
Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
BIO 165
(3 SHUs)
Principles of Controlled Release and Drug Delivery
4 elective courses -

Elective Credits in Biomaterials

As always, please consult the SIS Student Portal website for exact times and dates of all classes offered below.

Course ID Course Name
Any BME 100+ level course
(3 SHUs)
Special Topics
BIO 103
(3 SHUs)
Developmental Biology
BIO 104
(3 SHUs)
BME 154
(3 SHUs)
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
BME 175
(3 SHUs)
Tissue Engineering Laboratory
BME 185
(3 SHUs)
Drug Product Formulation
BME 295/296
(2-9 SHUs)
Master's Thesis*
CHBE 163
(3 SHUs)
Recombinant DNA Technology
CHBE 166
(3 SHUs)
Principles of Cell & Microbe Cultivation
CHBE 167
(3 SHUs)
Metabolic and Cell Engineering
CHBE 168
(3 SHUs)
Biotech. Processing Projects Lab
CHEM 157
(3 SHUs)
Medicinal Chemistry
COMP 167
(3 SHUs)
Computational Biology
EM 208
(3 SHUs)
Project Management Strategies & Methodologies†
EM 211
(3 SHUs)
Lean Six Sigma
EM 252
(3 SHUs)
Business Communications
EM 261
(3 SHUs)
Leadership for Technical Professionals
EM 262
(2 SHUs)
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution for Engineers & Technologists†
ME 117
(3 SHUs)

Other courses may be chosen with approval of advisor.
*Students must pass pre-requisite BME 299: Original Research Presentation to qualify for thesis research.
†These are half courses and will together count as one elective.