Computer Science Student Council

Mission statement:

The Tufts Department of Computer Science seeks to foster the intellectual and personal development of our students while building a respectful, diverse, and inclusive community in which all students studying computer science feel they belong. Achieving this goal requires an ongoing partnership between students, faculty, and staff. The Tufts CS Student Council consists of leaders of CS student groups; head TAs from core courses; and members-at-large chosen by faculty and students from a set of volunteers. The group meets twice a semester with the department chair to assess the state of the department, communicate concerns, and identify opportunities for improvement.

CS Student Council Members*

BSCS representative Nasir Wynruit
CSX co-President Sejal Agarwal
JumboCode President Lucas Maley
JumboCode Vice-President Tyler Thompson
JumboSec Vice President Alexander Koppel
CS 11 TA fellow 
CS 15 TA fellow Amelia Cook
CS 40 TA Fellow 
CS 61 TA fellow 
CS 105 TA fellow Stephanie (Ziqi) Xu and Roger Burtonpatel
CS 160 TA fellow 
CS 170 TA fellow Chris Burke
Member at Large Sasha Bellack
Member at Large Hezekiah Branch
Member at Large Camelia Brumar
Member at Large Roger Burtonpatel
Member at Large Jared Chandler
Member at Large Akash Chatterji
Member at Large Katherine Epifanio
Member at Large Maria Fanelle
Member at Large Harnaljia Fenelon
Member at Large Tobias Fu
Member at Large Lakshita Jain
Member at Large Holden Kittelberger
Member at Large Ella L'Esperance
Member at Large Ilona Lahdesmaki
Member at Large Pamela Melgar
Member at Large Gabriella Ponce
Member at Large Alexandra Scott
Member at Large Rachel Scrivanich
Member at Large Haijun Si
Member at Large Matthew Soto
Member at Large Iris Yang
Member at Large Hang Yu
Member at Large Michelle Zakaria
Member at Large Bobby Zurad

*Updated October 11, 2023

CS Student Council Meeting Minutes

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April 2021 (RTF)

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CS Town Hall Meeting Minutes

March 2022 (PDF)
March 2022 (RTF)

October 2021 (PDF)
October 2021 (RTF)

March 2021 (PDF)
March 2021 (RTF)

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