Faculty and Staff


The School of Engineering takes justifiable pride in the high quality of its instruction at the undergraduate as well as the graduate level. Our faculty members delight in conveying the excitement of academic discovery both at the introductory level, where our students master concepts and critical thinking, and at the more advanced level, where students discover the rewards and rigors of research, whether in archives, in the laboratory, or in the field. Outstanding teachers in the school are recognized by the Henry & Madeleine Fischer Faculty Award, which is voted by graduating seniors to faculty for outstanding teaching.

Open Faculty Searches

Tufts School of Engineering is committed to excellence in scholarship and teaching, and to building a faculty that draws strength from its diversity. To that end, we conduct thorough and systematic searches for all new faculty positions, both full-time and part-time.


Engineering Faculty are part of the Joint Faculty for Arts, Science and Engineering. A full list of joint faculty committees is listed here.

Faculty committees specific to the School of Engineering include:

Faculty Meetings

Schedule of Faculty Meetings


Staff members at Tufts School of Engineering play integral roles in the administrative, research, and strategic functions of the university. We offer a wide range of employment opportunities to support this diverse academic environment. Please visit the Careers at Tufts website to explore job opportunities and apply for a position.