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The Department of Computer Science has three awards that are awarded annually to its students.

The Ben Hescott Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded annually to one or more extraordinary undergraduate teaching assistants or teaching fellows to recognize them for their excellence in teaching. The award has been named after beloved former faculty member Assistant Professor Ben Hescott, who spent 10 years leaving his mark on Tufts CS and was instrumental in making computer science more accessible to all students. His contributions to the department are remembered by his colleagues and former students by this award. Hescott is an internationally recognized educator and the CS faculty who worked with him can think of no higher compliment than to compare someone’s teaching to his.

The 2024 winner of the Ben Hescott Award is Amelia Cook, A24.  View previous Hescott awardees.

The David Krumme Award for Experimental Computer Science is awarded annually to a student or group of students for producing substantial CS projects of practical worth, outstanding participation or organization of student-directed coding events or hackathons, and/or meritorious research in experimental computer science. This award was established in honor of Professor David Krumme, a beloved faculty member who retired from Tufts in 2004.

The 2024 winner of the David Krumme Award is Liam Strand, E24. View previous Krumme awardees.

The James Schmolze Award for Excellence in Computer Science is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in computer science. The award goes to a student with an excellent academic record in computer science and who has also engaged in active contributions or service that enriches the CS community at Tufts. This award was established in memory of Associate Professor James Schmolze, who made sustained contributions in research, teaching, and service for over 20 years at Tufts before his tragic death in 2006. Schmolze served as the last department chair of the combined EECS department before it split into the CS and ECE departments in 2002.

The 2024 winners of the James Schmolze Award are Emma Bethel, E24 and Roger Burtonpatel, A24. View previous Schmolze awardees.