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CS Jobs and Opportunities Board

The job and opportunities board is hosted on Piazza. In this board, you will find:

  • Internship opportunities
  • Full-time opportunities
  • Education and research opportunities
  • Graduate school information
  • Temporary or gig opportunities
  • Events

CS Announcements Board

The announcement board is hosted on Piazza. In this board, you will find:

  • Office hours information
  • Announcements
  • Events

Technical Interview Prep Tips By Alumni and Friends

Tufts Career Center

Alumni Network and Mentoring

  • Student-Alumni Mentorship Program
  • The Herd via Tufts Career Center: This flash mentoring program is designed to provide real-world, beyond-the-classroom exposure, helping students build relationships with industry professionals by connecting current students with Tufts alumni, parents, and friends in mentoring relationships.

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Join Computer Science

At Tufts, all students are welcome to take computer science classes. Students have the option to major in computer science through the School of Engineering (BS) or through the School of Arts & Sciences (BA or BS).

BS in Computer Science (School of Engineering)

BA/BS in Computer Science (School of Arts and Sciences)

Technological Resources