BSCS in Engineering

Choosing the right school for your undergraduate computer science degree is an important decision, one that will have a lasting impact on your career and your life. Consider the Computer Science Department at Tufts University. You'll learn and grow in a vibrant environment with interdisciplinary paths of study -- a place where undergraduate computer science students can pursue a degree and prepare for an exciting career.

The Department of Computer Science offers two computer science programs: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science through the School of Engineering and a major in Computer Science through the School of Arts & Sciences. Both programs have a core of Computer Science requirements. The programs differ to a small extent in additional Computer Science requirements and to a larger extent in the general requirements of the colleges. Both programs give an excellent grounding in Computer Science. The additional requirements can be used to suit undergraduate computer science students' learning interests and agenda. The department of Computer Science also participates in an interdisciplinary major in Cognitive and Brain Science. For further details, please see the following:

Undergraduate Computer Science Programs

Undergraduate Computer Science Minors

The Department of Computer Science offers a Minor in Computer Science and participates in three other minor programs. For details see the following:


Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if you have questions about applying to Tufts as an undergraduate student.