Co-Major in Computer Science and Science, Technology, and Society

Established in 2015, the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) program at Tufts draws on the humanities and social sciences to study science and technology in their social context. The program provides preparation for life in a world that is constantly shaped and reshaped by science and technology, and a common ground where ideas that transcend the divisions between fields are envisioned and practiced.  It is only natural that there is a co-major between the STS program and the Computer Science curriculum. Students majoring in Computer Science, in either the School of Engineering or the School of Arts and Sciences, are eligible to participate.

Five examples of co-major options between Computer Science and the STS program:

1. CS Focus Area: Artificial Intelligence + STS Track: Mathematics and Modeling
2. CS Focus Area: Bioinformatics + STS Track: Bodies, Health, and Medicine
3. CS Focus Area: Cybersecurity + STS Track: Science and the State
4. CS Focus Area: Human-Robot Interaction + STS Track: Mathematics and Modeling
5. CS Focus Area: Robotics + STS Track: Mathematics and Modeling

See course maps (PDF, RTF) for semester-by-semester breakdowns of what various kinds of STS/CS co-majors might look like. These are intended to be descriptive rather than prescriptive.

To declare the STS co-major, visit the Registrar's student forms page and fill out the "Declare an Additional Major" form (third item listed under Only Undergraduate Liberal Arts BA/BS Students heading). In order to submit that form, students must have a co-major advisor in the STS program. Students who are new to STS will meet directly with program manager Samantha Fried to discuss interests and potential advisors. If you have questions, please contact

People who made this co-major possible:

  • Moon Duchin, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Program Director of STS @ Tufts
  • Samantha Fried, Program Manager of STS @ Tufts
  • Jamie Gorman, Program Assistant for STS @ Tufts
  • Ming Chow, Associate Teaching Professor in Computer Science
  • Michael Hughes, Ann W. Lambertus and Peter Lambertus Assistant Professor in Computer Science