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Department of Computer Science


B.S. in Computer Science (SOE) or B.A./B.S. in Computer Science (A&S)
Tufts provides computer science majors with a solid grounding in theoretical computer science and algorithmic knowledge, applied computer science, and software engineering skills enabling them to pursue professional careers in computing or software. Students also go on to graduate work in computer science and related disciplines. Students can major in Computer Science through the School of Engineering or the School of Arts & Sciences.

The Computer Science major includes ten courses: eight in computer science and two in mathematics. Students in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program in Engineering must earn a C- or better in 75% of concentration courses. They also must have a C- or better in two-thirds of their 38 required courses.

The department has provided guidance for Computer Science majors interested in focusing their studies in a particular area.

B.S. in Data Science
The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is a rigorous program open to students in the School of Engineering. The program covers the theory, methods, practices, and tools involved in using big data for science, business intelligence, and other data-intensive tasks in both science and business. It produces computer-literate data analysts who are well versed in current methods in both computational statistics and machine learning.

The B.S. in Data Science (BSDS) program began in Fall 2018. Students in the program are required to take a total of 38 courses, including introductory, foundation, HASS, breadth, and concentration courses.

The BSDS is designed both as a standalone major and a double major option for those students in Engineering who wish to add data science to an existing engineering major. Students adding Data Science as a second major must fulfill all of the requirements on the degree sheet, subject to double-counting rules.

Minor in Computer Science
The Department of Computer Science offers a minor in computer science for students in both the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Engineering. To ensure that you will be able to meet the requirements for the computer science minor, it is recommended that you contact the program advisor by the end of your junior year.

Five courses are required for a minor. For a computer science minor, students must take Computer Science 15 and Computer Science/Mathematics 61, as well as three additional courses from an approved list.