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Department of Computer Science

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science

The post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science offers the student with a bachelor’s degree, but few computer science courses, the opportunity to earn the equivalent of an undergraduate minor in computer science by completing the requirements for the minor. It is designed to give the student with a nontechnical, liberal arts degree the introductory knowledge base to enter the technology field or continue on to graduate study in computer science. For more information, visit the website.


The program requires five Tufts courses:

  • Computer Science 15 Data Structures*
  • Computer Science 61 or Mathematics 61 or 65 Discrete Mathematics

Choose two: 

  • Computer Science 40 Machine Structure and Assembly Language Programming
  • Computer Science 105 Programming Languages**, ***
  • Computer Science 160 Algorithms***
  • Computer Science 170 Theory of Computation***

One elective:

  • One computer science elective above Computer Science 15****

*Prerequisite course Computer Science 11: Introduction to Computer Science is available to individuals without a previous programming course.
**Only one of Computer Science 80 and 105 may be counted toward the program.
***Courses numbered above 100 award graduate credit and are transferable into the Tufts Master of Science in Computer Science program upon acceptance into that program.
**** Computer Science  55 and 155 may not be utilized as the Computer Science elective. 

Questions not addressed in the FAQ may be directed to Jenny Mooney, Graduate Program Coordinator, or Diane Souvaine, Director of Graduate Studies.

CS now offers a 100% online post-bac certificate program