Frequently asked questions from Cognitive and Brain Sciences majors

  • Please sign up for the special waitlist section of the course: section 03 is the waitlist for 01, and 04 is the waitlist for 02. Students are moved from the waitlist section into the class as space allows. For the past several years, we have been able to accommodate all interested students.

  • If you are missing course prerequisites, please take the prerequisite course first. For exceptions (for example, if you have previous experience that isn’t reflected in course work), you can get in touch with the instructor to ask for permission. If you do not have the correct major or year standing, you may reach out to the instructor to ask for permission.

  • Courses that are generally offered every semester: 11, 15, 40, 61, 105, 131, 135, 160, 170. Courses that are generally offered every year: 86, 133, 134, 139, 171, 177. Other courses are offered less often.

  • Typically, you can double-count four classes. CS 11 does not need to be double-counted because it’s not part of the CS curriculum. So you would double-count CS 15, one course from Part II Group II, and two courses (CS 105 and 170) from Part III Group III. The maximum you can double-count according to Tufts’ policies is 5 (half of CS’s 10 courses), but generally these four are the only courses double majors will be double-counting.

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