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Department of Computer Science

Why Tufts?

Aerial view of Boston from the Tufts campus

Study in an open, friendly, collaborative atmosphere

You'll earn your computer science degree in an open, friendly, diverse and collaborative atmosphere with an unusually high number of women faculty. You can personalize your path of study and regularly access your professors both in small classes and out of class.

Take an interdisciplinary approach to computer science

Just because you want a computer science degree doesn't mean that's all you have to study. Tufts helps you see the big picture of computer science applications and research. You'll benefit from working across disciplines on research that reflects real-world needs for computer science solutions in many different industries.

Study with the stars of CS research

What's in a name? Plenty. Tufts computer science faculty members are recognized leaders in their fields and are pioneering innovative research. You'll be working with them in small classes where they will know you by name, not giant lecture halls where you're an anonymous face.

Go high-tech in Boston

What better place to earn your computer science degree than a short subway ride from downtown Boston? The city is a recognized high-tech hub where our students have internship and employment opportunities at a large number of labs and technology companies.