Graduate Research 2021-2022

Andrei Gonczi, PhD candidate, presented “Reconfiguration of Polygonal Subdivisions via Recombination”, co-authored by Hugo A. Akitaya, Professor Diane L. Souvaine, Professor Csaba D. Tóth, and Thomas Weighil at the 2022 International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, Workshop on Combinatorial Reconfiguration (ICALP July 2022).

Carson Powers, PhD student, presented "WiP: Where's Eve? Evaluating Student Threat Modeling Performance and Perceptions", co-authored by Nickolas Gravel, Maxwell Mitchell, and Professor Daniel Votipka at the 8th Workshop on Security Information Workers (August 2022)

Sarah Radway, PhD student, presented "Differential Privacy and Swapping: Examining De-Identification's Impact on Minority Representation and Privacy Preservation in the US Census”, co-authored by Miranda Christ and Steve M. Bellovin at the IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy (May 2022).

Sarah Radway, PhD student, presented “Counting Kindergarteners: De-Identification’s Impact on Student Representation”, co-authored by Miranda Christ at National Academies Committee on National Statistics 2020 Census Data Products Workshop (June 2022).

Other Publications

Journal Papers

Nicholas Rabb, PhD candidate, published “Cognitive Cascades: How to Model (and Potentially Counter) the Spread of Fake News”, co-authored by Professor Lenore Cowen, Professor Jan P. de Ruiter, and Professor Matthias Scheutz in PLOS One, Jan 7, 2022.

Muhammad Umair, PhD student, published “GailBot: An automatic transcription system for Conversation Analysis”, co-authored by Julia Beret Mertens, Saul Albert, and Professor J.P de Ruiter in Dialogue and Discourse, Vol. 13 No.1 (2022)