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Department of Computer Science

Minor in Computer Science

Program Advisor: Lecturer Mark Sheldon

A computer science minor can make your expertise more attractive to prospective employers who are looking for people with top-notch computer skills in today's global business arena. You'll also be better prepared to hit the ground running in an entry-level computer science job.

The Department of Computer Science offers a minor in computer science for students in both the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Engineering. To ensure that you will be able to meet the requirements for the computer science minor, it is recommended that you contact the program advisor by the end of your junior year.

Five courses are required for a minor

  • Computer Science 15 (3 SHUs)
  • Computer Science/Mathematics 61 (3 SHUs) (formerly COMP/MATH 22)
  • Two courses chosen from Computer Science 40, 105, 160 and 170
  • One additional elective course in computer science numbered above 15

Please note that only one of Computer Science 80 or 105 may be counted toward the minor. All courses to be counted toward the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better. Computer Science 53, 55, 153, 154, and 155 may not be used as the computer science elective.


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Forms for undergraduates