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Department of Computer Science

Certificate and post-baccalaureate

Students collaborate during the annual Tufts hackathon.

Get the content — and the credit — you need to retrain or refocus your career.

Tufts' practice-oriented certificate programs consist of four or five graduate courses, primarily offered in the late afternoon or evening. Our graduate courses are taught by award-winning, tenured professors in Tufts School of Engineering, as well as by industry professionals. The certificate credits equal roughly half of the credits for a master's degree, and many credits will transfer to our graduate programs.

The Department of Computer Science also offers a post-baccalaureate program for academically talented, highly motivated students who have at least a B.S. or B.A. degree in disciplines with relevant mathematics and science content. Take your liberal arts degree, add this five-course program in computer science, and prepare for opportunity.

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