Seminar Archives - Spring 2022

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Mondays at 10:30am in SciTech, Room 136 (unless otherwise noted)

January 17, 2022
No seminar, MLK Day

January 24, 2022
Assistant Professor Walfre Franco
UMass Lowell

January 31, 2022
Assistant Professor Renee Cottle
Clemson University
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February 7, 2022
"Simple and low-cost optical imaging tools for label-free molecular imaging and 3D microscopy"
Assistant Professor Francisco (Paco) Robles
Georgia Tech
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February 14, 2022
"Attenuating oncogenic transcription with small molecules"
Associate Professor Angela Koehler
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February 21, 2022
No seminar, Presidents' Day

February 24, 2022
"Detecting cancer using quantitative fluorescence polarization optical cytology"
Associate Professor Anna Yaroslavsky
UMass Lowell

February 28, 2022
"Unconventional biomaterials to improve human health"
Assistant Professor Gulden Camci-Unal
UMass Lowell

March 7, 2022
"Engineering the bio/nano interface for enhanced drug delivery and immunotherapy"
Assistant Professor Evan Scott
Northwestern University
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March 14, 2022
"Syndemia: Health inequalities in the LGBTQ+ communities"
DEI seminar/Francesco Pennacchio
Head of the Data Team of the Unit of Population Epidemiology, University Hospital in Geneva/Geneva University - Switzerland

March 21, 2022
No seminar, Spring Break

March 28, 2022
"Optical microscopy of living systems"
Assistant Professor Sixuan Yu

April 4, 2022
"Bio-informed design of synthetic materials to manipulate microbial behavior"
Assistant Professor Rong Wang
Cornell University

April 11, 2022
"Growing structural proteins into advanced materials for food security"
Associate Professor Benedetto Marelli

April 18, 2022
No seminar, Patriots' Day

April 22, 2022
"Computational microscopy"
Associate Professor Laura Waller
UC Berkeley
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April 25, 2022
Student presentations

"Sensory nerves enhance triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) invasion and metastasis via the axon guidance molecule PlexinB3"
Will Le

"Engineering Photoclick chemistries into silk fibroin for novel initiator-free UV-fabrication of silk biomaterials"
Nick Ostrovsky-Snider

May 2, 2022
Student presentations

"Chemotherapy treatment induces pro-invasive changes in liver ECM composition"
Justinne Guarin

"3D In Vitro Intestinal Model to Study Novel Therapeutics for Inflammatory Bowel Disease"
Sara Rudolph

"Applying Coherent Hemodynamics Spectroscopy in the Neurocritical Care Unit"
Cristianne Fernandez

"Roll to Roll Silk Fibroin Film Processing"
Jeff Roshko