Student filling test tubes in tray.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers certificate programs in Biomedical Engineering, Biophotonics, and Cellular Agriculture. All certificate programs are open to students with a bachelor's degree and require the completion of four courses.

Certificate in Biomedical Engineering

Enroll in an interdisciplinary course of study that allows students to focus on biomedical instrumentation, biomedical optics, biomaterials/biotechnology and tissue engineering, or other related areas of study.

Certificate in Biophotonics

Build upon your science background to assist in the design, engineering, and application of optical tools that study biological materials and processes.

Certificate in Cellular Agriculture

Gain an essential foundation in cellular agriculture and bio-manufactured foods in this innovative program.

Current students in a Tufts MS program must formally apply for a certificate program, and be admitted at least two semesters before completing their primary graduate degree program, in order to be eligible to receive a concurrent certificate.  Please see the SOE Graduate Handbook for additional information about this policy.