• Doctor of Philosophy, Mass Institute of Technology, USA
  • Bachelor of Science, Mass Institute of Technology, USA
  • Master of Engineering, Mass Institute of Technology, USA


Corey P. Fucetola received an S.B. degree in Mathematics and S.B., M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, where he continued to do post-graduate work until he joined Tufts as a Research Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering. In his MIT postdoctoral role, he championed fabrication of ion-electrospray propulsion systems for AeroCube 8A and 8B, whose maiden voyages in 2015 demonstrated Cubesat propulsion in low-earth orbit. As an MIT Research Scientist, he led a major laboratory renovation, devised pipelined and quality-controlled fabrication and optimized device design to scale production, improve lifetime, decrease startup voltage and increase specific impulse of cubic-centimeter-sized micro-thruster assemblies. Alongside these efforts, he continued to pioneer the phase-change adhesives discovered during his Ph.D., and briefly left MIT to explore their commercialization as a co-founder of Sublamit LLC. Upon his return to MIT, he led the renovation of the state-of-the art pulsed-laser and sputter deposition facility to further the development of spintronic thin-film materials. Dr. Fucetola and his co-workers were responsible for several publications and patents surrounding innovations in micro/nano fabrication and assembly, including coherent-diffraction lithography and phase-change adhesives for the assembly of sub-micrometer-thick membranes into 3D photonic-crystal structures, ionic-liquid handling for Cubesat propulsion systems, and pyrolyzed carbon aerogel for field emission ion tips. Dr. Fucetola lives with his wife and son in Somerville, MA. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, gaming, playing fetch, traveling, hiking, SCUBA diving, biking and snowboarding.