Ying Luo

Ying Luo

4 Colby Street
Research/Areas of Interest:
Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine, Drug Delivery


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University Of Toronto, CAN, 2004
  • Master of Science, University Of Connecticut, USA, 1999
  • Bachelor of Science, Peking University, CHN, 1997


By integrating materials science, biology and regenerative medicine, my laboratory seeks to
design and engineer biomaterial, biomolecular and cellular systems that are functional,
interactive and compatible within the human body to enable tissue regeneration. Our study aims
to connect mechanistic study, conceptual design and application-oriented prototype
development. Our current research has three directions based on the theme of guiding material-immune
cell interaction through engineering: 1) Biofunctional scaffolds for promoting tissue
regeneration; 2) Biomaterial-based devices for cell-replacement therapy to treat Type 1 diabetes;
3) Biomimetic nanovesicles to target and modulate immune cells in diseased/injured tissues.