Undergraduate Program

Chemical Engineering - BSCHE

The BS in Chemical Engineering (BSCHE) is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org, under the General Criteria and the Program Criteria for Chemical, Biochemical, Biomolecular and Similarly Named Engineering Programs.

The first two years emphasize coursework in the basic sciences (math, physics, chemistry, and biology). Introductory Chemical and Biological Engineering courses (ChBE10 and 11) are also included to introduce the student to general underlying concepts in the discipline. The junior and senior years then provide more advanced and specific core coursework that places chemical and biological examples and applications in an engineering context.

Of the 120 credits or more required for the professional degrees accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, a minimum of 30 credits must be completed in college level math and basic science subjects appropriate to the discipline and a minimum of 45 credits must be completed in engineering topics, consistent with ABET general and program criteria.


The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers a minor in biotechnology, a minor in materials engineering, and an engineering track for second major in biotechnology for all undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Engineering. For specific requirements and course listings, please refer to the current Tufts Bulletin.

Degree Sheets

In addition to providing a broad education experience with its own professional outlets, the Chemical and Biological Engineering course track is readily adaptable to additional academic goals, such as premedicine, prelaw, and engineering management. Please follow the links below for more information.