PhD in Biotechnology

Biotechnology, PhD: 1st Year

Course Course Title Brief Description
Fall semester
ChBE 160
(3 credits)
Biochemical Engineering Thermodynamics of biological reactions; principles of fermentation processes; chemical engineering applications to bioreactor analysis.
ChBE 167 or 193
(3 credits)
Metabolic & Cellular Engineering or Special Topics: Synthetic Biology Systems-oriented approach to the problem of remodeling and reconfiguring the many molecular components of the cell in order to achieve a desirable phenotype. Metabolism, protein synthesis, regulation of gene expression. // Special topics in synthetic biology.
Spring semester
ChBE 161
(3 credits)
Protein Purification Methods of purifying proteins at a large scale for therapeutic or industrial uses.
ChBE 166
(3 credits)
Principles of Cell and Microbe Cultivation In-depth examination of microbial and mammalian cell cultivation and concomitant production of commercially important products.

Other requirements for the PhD program include:

  • Additional electives that emphasize individual research themes
  • Qualifying exam that requires:
    • 3.25 GPA in core classes (listed above)
    • Oral critique of a current research article
    • Research progress report with oral presentation
  • 1-3 teaching assistant assignments
  • Attendance and participation in the Departmental Seminar Series
  • Research committee meetings and thesis defense

** Additional program details are provided in the Graduate Handbook